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You may ask your what does Pro PDS mean in the Sports Industries. That’s right, there’s an ( S ) on the end of  “Sports”.  Because of the way we break things down and design our “One of a Kind” baseball pitching aids, when you compare apples to apples we have “Zero Competition with our baseball pitching aids”. 

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"Ted Thank you very much for going out of your way to make sure my daughter was using the pitching mound to its full level. Your baseball pitching aids are nothing but the best". - Alex Morrow

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#1 Softball Pitching Aid

 We not only have one of a kind products in the baseball and softball industries but we are the “Very First” company to ever develop & design the “Very First Cricket” training equipment ever in the history of cricket.   That’s saying a lot for the name Pro Power Drive Systems. The same intervention that went into the Revolutionary Cricket Shot Shaper is the exact intervention that goes into everyone of our products.



PDS Softball Pitching Mound

Cricket Aid


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Well let me introduce to you the Pro PDS Softball Pitching Mound. This wonderful training tool will not only teach you to “Drive” with you back foot but it will teach you to drive “Forward” for “Maximum Power” out of your lower half which results in “Maximum Arm Speed”. By Driving forward the correct way pitchers gain a minimum of 6” on their stride.  With its “Side Guides” it will Not let you Prematurely Pivot on your back foot. How many times have you seen players pivot before they launched. When they do this their power goes sideways instead of forward. That’s minimum of 30% loss of power which results in a big loss of velocity.  There are some coaches that actually teach this.  The thing is your “Natural Bio Mechanics” will automatically do this and will get your backside out of the way.

Think of it this way. If you teach a hitter to rotate their hips prior to the hands, the hips will take over and now their bat is dragging and they can’t get to the outside pitch. Same thing with this. If you practice pivoting on that back foot prior to launching it will take over .You see, your lower half is where all your power comes from. It’s the strongest part of your body and your “Natural Bio Mechanics” will get it out of the way. This is the beauty of the designs of all our products. They Eliminate and Teach !!!

PDS Pitching Brace

Cricket Aid


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 Do you want to have stronger throwing muscles? Do you want to have more movement on your pitches? Let me introduce to you our Pro PDS Pitch-n-Throw Brace. Do you know why players throw long toss?  “Long Toss” is the only way to strengthen your “True” throwing muscles. The muscles you use the throw with are only used when you actually throw the ball. The use of weights and bands are excellent for strengthening your decelerators and overall preventive maintenance from injury. 

  With the Pro PDS Pitch-n-Throw Brace you wear it as you throw the ball. It’s like having a bo-flex on your True Throwing Muscles. It not only strengthens your true muscle but it also promotes proper arm angle which will aid in preventing shoulder/elbow injury and makes you have to focus on your target which will make you a more accurate thrower/pitcher. By strengthening these important throwing muscles it will increase your velocity. 

   “Don’t Just Long Toss, Power Toss With The Pro PDS Pitch-n-Throw Brace”

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